Illogical: For Feeno!

My Christian friend who goes by the Blog handle of Feeno, asked me to do my best Spock impersonation:

"T Vick, Could you please, in your best Spock impersonation give me his answer to the question of "is there a God?"  Live long and prosper, feeno"

My pleasure:

"Captain, many primitive civilizations of your early Earth's history believed in some form of divine all powerful being, but I must say, there is no convincing evidence to endorse such a hypothesis. The idea of God is unsubstantiated. And so, to claim something exists without the proper evidence would be... (*raises eyebrow...) illogical."

By the way, Captain James T. Kirk was a true skeptic and an atheist also. Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. T Vick

    Dude, that was awesome, thanx, I'm laughing my arse off right now. Something told me when I asked you that I'd enjoy your answer.

    Peace, feeno

  2. Yeah, that is really funny. Very good.


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