Friday, December 11, 2009

The Cake is NOT a Lie!!!

What kind of music do atheists listen to? All kinds. Here's one of my favorite performers, look Jonathan Coulton up on iTunes or find him on YouTube. He's excellent.

And a quote from Richard Carrier I came across today:

Now, when we look at the few remaining gaps, honestly, what are the odds that this horse is suddenly going to lose those races, when it has won every other race before this one, and no competing horse has ever won even a single race? Prior probability is clearly heavily on the side of natural facts. The same cannot be said of God.

And that's the difference between rational metaphysics and "god of the gaps" argumentation. The latter almost always relies on a repeated fallacy of possibilities ergo probabilities, "possibly, therefore probably." If any possible explanation can be conceived, the theist then simply assumes that that explanation is then probable. That's wholly invalid and irrational. We go with what is genuinely, demonstrably the most probable. And that just happens to be naturalism.

And one for the road, since the gals are liberal enough, although I don't know what their "religious" beliefs entail, by the lyrics on "Taking the Long Way" I'd say they're past agnosticism and leaning towards nonbelief/reason. Regardless, you can't say no to damn good music.

Advocatus Atheist

Advocatus Atheist