Saturday, August 7, 2010

Atheist Traffic

Due to the amount of spammers I have picked up from increased traffic and more subscribers, I've switched to a new comment system which will allow me more moderation.

Since Blogger does not allow for blocking IPs or Spam, now I can regulate all Spam and Trolling. I was getting between five and ten spam hits per day and it was eating up all of my time just to tidy up my page. Every chance I wanted to edit, touch up, or post a new blog was interrupted by me having to spend several minutes just deleting spam mail. So now I'll just block it all--and cut out the shit-heads who want to ruin a good discussion.

Your comments are still in the Blogger servers, although they are invisible with the new Disqus program, which did not import them over. So I apologize for the disappearance of your previous comments (they still exist--but are invisible). 

Please continue to discuss your opinions freely! I'm looking forward to them.

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