Advocatus Atheist Film Recommendations and Book Update

I haven't had much time to write this week, so I offer some random updates instead. The book is coming along well. I am finishing up the initial editing, tweaking things, and putting on the final touches. Soon I'll be drafting some proposals and try and get a publishing deal. Stay tuned for that.

Now here are some film recommendations about religion or which have a religious theme. I recently watched Agora just for the historical value. It's basically Christians go wild and kill everyone. Virgin Territory is a delight if you're comfortable with brazen nudity. It's a light breezy, sexy, kinky film about star crossed lovers, randy nuns, and it has sword play... lots of sword play (I think there's a pun in there somewhere). 

Of course, I've enjoy the Prophecy trilogy and Constantine for their dark fantasy. I think films based on the mythos of a spiritual war between Heaven and Hell with Earth caught in-between can be deeply engaging. Although I find films like Stigmata and The Devil's Advocate a little unsettling. Speaking of Keanu Reeves, The Matrix trilogy is another great set of films that are saturated with religious undertones. 

The Name of the Rose is truly an excellent film--a genuine classic. Watch it if you get a chance. Of course Dogma and The Life of Brian speak for themselves. Both brilliant. Both hilarious.

Finally, you'll probably wondering why I put a hard edged sci-fi thriller called Sunshine into the mix. I personally find it the best example of what happens when religion goes awry--but I don't want to give away any spoilers. Just know that it sort of crops up on you unexpectedly. But the real reason I love Sunshine is because science and rationality win out in the end--and save the day (literally)!


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