Magic DNA! It's a Miracle!

Just bear with me...

Even if she did receive magically new DNA, that doesn't magically unmurder those people she killed when she was... you know... still evil.

[I really hate how becoming Christian means she's all forgiven and stuff... new DNA means she's not accountable. See the problem here? Get out of jail free card--well then, what's stopping Christians from murdering all the time?]

Also, notice the big fat fallacies--appeal to authority and bandwagon appeal. I'm your preacher man, so listen to me, listen to this story I gotz for ya'allz. Now watch this... it's inspirational--stand up like a moron and raise your hands in praise--hallelujah! 

I kept waiting for him to cite a source... but then I remembered... that's only something rational people who are in search of the unadulterated truth do.

On a side note: there is a plausible scientific explanation for changing DNA. It's a rare medical condition regarding ones genetic make up called Chimera DNA


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