Countries which Murder Atheists: And My 7 Indicators of Civilized Society

The Washington Post recently did an article on which countries you can be imprisoned and even killed with a state ordered execution for simply being an atheist.

Now I ask you, what kind of sense does it make for killing people for what they DON'T rightly believe in?

I have seven basic rules about what I consider a true civilized society.

1) You have to be for equality across the board (gender, sexual orientation, race, etc.). 2) You have to have healthcare for your people.  3) Blasphemy laws must be non-existent. 4) There has to be freedom of speech. 5) The must be freedom of religion and conversely freedom from religion. 6) Porn must not be illegal. And finally, 7) you have to be able to make and enjoy soft ice-cream.

Only if these prerequisites are met would I consider a civilization a "true" civilization  Now I have many reasons for why these factors are important and why they contribute, and thereby constitute, civilized living and thinking, but there can be numerous other factors as well. These are just the seven that I've narrowed down which seem to distinguish a civilized society from most uncivilized societies.

At any rate, I won't be traveling to any of the (above) countries listed as anti-atheist anytime in the near future. For they prove themselves truly uncivilized and barbaric nations where the hate, narrow mindedness, and intolerance is so great that you couldn't even enjoy a nice cold creamy ice-cream cone while watching your favorite porn all the while not having a thought about a God which you don't believe in the existence of.


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