The People Have Spoken! (The Advocatus Atheist book cover winner)

Edward T. Babinski, Mike Doolittle (aka The A-Unicornist) and a hand full of other friends were critiquing my book cover designs over on Facebook as I posted them.

They all agreed that a personal cover that would signify atheism isn't just some cold and detached philosophical view but a personal and relatable ideology was in order. Atheists are people too, after all.

So, finally I made one using my big ugly mug--and they loved it.

I guess its looking as though this will be the cover (it won the informal voting contest I held on FB). When a dozen or so people all vote for it and none of my other covers get a vote... that says something to me about which cover people will most likely stop to look at on the store shelf. And if I want to sell books, well, I better listen to what the people want.

The people have spoken.

But.... wait.... for it.


This morning a got a message from a higher authority. In this case, a professional artist.

He said stick with the boat.

So, I am effectively vetoing the cover with me on it (hey, I didn't want to be on a book cover anyway). And I am going with the boat cover! It will look very nice pressed into a matte cover.


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