Friday, January 15, 2010

Christianity: The Stupid Factory: Making Bona Fide Idiots Since Year One

Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Ted Haggard, Jim Jones, Jimmy Swaggart, Tammy Faye Bakker, Robert Tilton, Peter Popoff, and a truckload of boy-molesting Catholic priests... what do they all have in common? They're all BELIEVERS.

What else do they all have in common? They're all immoral, hypocritical, bigoted, charlatans and frauds.  Many of them convicted criminals. Do you  sense a pattern here? I know I do. This begs the question, can such scumbags and lowlifes be true Christians? That's debatable, but millions believed they were, and some still do! After all, Christianity is about the saving the sinner, or as the adage goes, love the sinner but hate the sin. Good, it's about second chances, about finding forgiveness. We at least deserve a second chance, right? How many chances do they need? I mean, if God will forgive them for almost anything, why not keep misbehaving? Seriously, is there no end to the credulity of the faithful? 

Speaking of the credulous, Pat Robertson's faith in the supernatural compels hims to believe stupid things, what's more it actually compels him to open his stupid mouth and share his imbecilic ideas with the world. In this new case, Robertson thinks that Haiti is paying for a pact with the Devil (yes, you heard right, a pact with an imaginary being from a book of myth and fairy tales is the literal cause for the Haitian people's suffering. And I thought it had something to do with plate tectonics). At any rate, as my Christian pal recently stated about Pat Robertsons' idiocy regarding his insensitive and libelous comments about the Haiti earthquake disaster:

"And if Christians aren't listening to these wacky nut jobs, then the same hoi polloi sheep are listening to some other nutter. Such ignorance doesn't change just because you knock off the top guy; the top guy just changes. There's really no fixing stupid. They just build a better idiot."

Well, when the faith is an idiot making factory, there's no escaping it I suppose. And believe you me, Christianity is an idiot making factory. Case in point, ever heard of Randy Demain? I mean, seriously, have you listened to this guy? Please, by all means, do: RAISING THE DEAD.

Need I say more? Because I think Randy said it all for me. Not only does he save postmortem rape victims, but he'll also revivify your dead baby! All you have to do is pay him lots of money, and have a little faith. It's ALIVE!! Mad-crackpot-witchdoctor-voodoo-priest!

Also, I love how Demain uses scripture to support his crackpot story of, what to me, sounded a lot like an attempted rape and a bit of tomfoolery. But he's the hero of course (not the power of Jesus? Silly deluded Evangelical witchdoctor). Oh my, Randy also believes in incantations, and will say  just about darn near anything in the name of Jesus, and abracadabra, presto, and poof, it's magic! Nuts like this need to keep their stupid hoodoo to themselves. Or read a different book once in a while, preferably a science book, and get a real education. Something--for Christ's sake.
Sheesh! I thought Pat Robertson was deluded. Where do these guys come from? Oh yeah... duh. The faith based assembly line, making bona fide idiots since year one.

And just so you don't feel like I'm stereotyping Christians, it's not their beliefs which make them into idiots, it's their gullibility to take literally a book of superstitious myths, infused with dogmatic zeal, and a belief stemming from their childhood indoctrination when they were too young to know the difference, they think it's all too real, which predisposes them to take magical fairy tales at face value, and combined with faith based doctrines, creeds, and religious observations, causes them to act in a myriad of stupid ways.

Let me share a personal story with you guys. My mother has manic depression, a bi-polar disorder in which her brains doesn't make enough of the necessary chemicals to keep her emotionally stable. Without medicine she basically turns into Angelina Jolie from the film Girl Interrupted. It's like permanent PMS magnified by a bad acid trip twenty-four seven. Not a good combination, if you catch my drift.

So one day, being a devout Christians my mother and aunt decided to attend a faith healing session at my aunt's new church, where the power of touch and speaking Jesus name will magically heal all! My mother attended several sessions, people huddled around her, prayed, spoke in tongues (as if glossolalia was going to do the trick), and use their super palm force to drive the evil spirits out of her body! My mother ended up throwing all of her meds away! Yes, that's right, she stopped taking her medicine cold turkey. And she told me Jesus had cured her. Hallelujah!

A few weeks later she suffered a mental breakdown and we had to institutionalize her so professional medical physicians could re-balance her medication and so trained counselors could help her learn to be more responsible with her illness.

Some might say that was an idiotic thing to do. But my mom is an intelligent lady. She has a masters degree in education, and she was a teacher for most of her adult carrier. So was it all that schooling and education which caused her to do something so idiotic? Not likely. Would she have stopped taking the meds that the doctor prescribed her if not for outside influences ultimately convincing her not to? Probably. So what happened? She bought into the Christian scheme, the promise of miracles and magic, all done in the name of Jesus Christ she thought she had been cured.

She wasn't.

And even as she continued to believe after the fact, as a person of faith, that Christ would be there for her he never made an appearance and his name was used in vein. She bought into all the hype and Evangelical charismatic preaching, and they bamboozled her good. She almost died because of it. The day she broke down she decided to crash her car and kill herself... when a highway patrol pulled her over. (Later, after all the dust had settled and she could think straight again, she told me this wasn't any coincidence either, that God works in mysterious ways. She stopped trusting Evangelical preachers, and voodoo priest witchdoctors of the Christian sort, but she still believed all the claptrap found in the Bible).

You know what though? It didn't even matter, because after all of their hard work, my mom finally got back onto her own two feet with a lot of help from others, and you know what she said? She said, "Praise the Lord! I'm finally healed."

As I recall, the Lord is the one who wasn't there when my mother needed him. Also, the Lord wasn't the one who fixed her illness. Trained medical staff and people who knew about the human body did. She should have been thanking them.

So this got me to thinking, are these people all idiots? Are people of faith dumb or something? Or is it more likely that the religion gains their confidence, then takes advantage of them, until they are left broken and down trodden, only for some two-time swindler to come by and take their last dime on good faith? No friends, we can be damn well sure that religion, faith no matter it's brand, produces the highest quality idiots. It brainwashes people into believing utter poppycock and claptrap, and then when it falls through and the gig is up, they send in their sensationalist preachers, like  Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Ted Haggard, Jim Jones, Jimmy Swaggart, Tammy Faye Bakker, Robert Tilton, Peter Popoff, and a truckload of boy-molesting Catholic priests to keep people from thinking for themselves, retarding them whenever they might show signs of intellectual progress, and actively preaching fantasy and supplanting reason with superstitious mumbo jumbo--in Jesus name. Can I get an Amen? 

Didn't think so.

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  1. These guys make lots of money from many people who believe in them. And, they also use their power to plant many destructive ideas in their heads. They are the purest form of evil there is. It is disgraceful.


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