Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Top 10 Reasons I am an Atheist

10. Because I’m rational and fairy stories don’t do it for me anymore as I came into the age of reason and put childish things aside.
9. I grew up watching Star Trek which instilled in the depths of my subconscious Gene Roddenberry’s wonderful humanist philosophy. Spock is a better role model than Moses or the Prophet Muhammad, if you ask me.
8. I actually read the Bible. All of it. And I found it had lots of bad bits, and it contradicts itself a lot, but only in the coherent sections. Only Atheism leaves me with no cognitive dissidence.
7. Science just makes more sense to me than talking snakes, chatty internally combustible shrubbery, talking asses, magical fruit, wrestling supernatural beings in the manner of Heracles, angels having sexual escapades with women, giants, titans, leviathans, seven headed dragons, unicorns, virgin births, being turned into a pillar of salt, the undead roaming the streets, demonic pigs, clover hoofed devils, magic technicolor dream coats, and did I mention the magical talking snake?
6. There are better sources for ethical behavior, good conduct, and morality than the Bible. I call them humanist and naturalist ‘appreciations’ and I have a link to a sampling of them on my website Advocatus Atheist.
5. I love physics and cosmology with a passion; and everything in modern physics is telling us and pointing toward our universe having a natural origin.
4. The coming of the Four Horsemen, aka Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel C. Dennett, and Christopher Hitchens and all the other philosophers and free thinkers, from Socrates to Spinoza, from Hobbes to Hume, from Kant to Marx, from Paine to Harris, from Ingersoll to Twain, from Freud to Dennett, from Einstein to Stenger, from Darwin to Dawkins, all have contributed to the debate and have left an enduring legacy of the utmost rationalism, and have tirelessly upheld and defended reason, free inquiry, free speech, and freedom from the oppressive shackles of religion.
3. The inadequate and illogical arguments offered as a defense of the Christian position and the lackluster, barely literate, often uninformed, unverified, unfounded, frequently unintelligible, biased polemic, and thrice regurgitated faith based apologetics in general just don’t convince me and my overwhelming need to weigh the evidence and think critically.
2. A blasphemous venomous radioactive spider bit me and I turned atheist. 

and the number one reason I’m an atheist is… 

1. Atheists are sexy as hell!


  1. Hello T

    I've answered most all attacks on my faith and have managed to remain a Believer. But if all Atheists are really this sexy I think maybe even God would understand?

    Late, feeno

  2. I had an enormous crush on Jolie when I first saw her in 'Hackers' and then I went through a J.Lo phase, but eventually came back to Jolie. She is definately par to none next to any Greek goddess of comparison.

    And heck, if God keeps making them that way then he must be evil, right?! lol. Tempting you so. Playing mind games with you. Such a tinkerer that one! Haha.

  3. Hmmmm. I read a book and Jolie. She may be hot, but she is batshit, full on crazy. Is she atheist?

  4. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are both outspoken atheists. And she is a wild girl, but I wouldn't say batshit. She's highly intelligent.

    Her charity fighting against women and children human trafficking is probably the best out there. She's someone I highly support.

    Her and Brad will be a big contributor in rebuilding Haiti. Brad is into Green Architecture and they build over 800 homes in New Orleans after the hurricane to help people restart their lives at no cost to the people.

    They both strongly support gay rights and the human right to love and marry whoever you want to choose to be with. They're what I'd call eccentric, but genuinely well meaning, good examples of humanitarian atheists.

    And they're both hot. So that helps their public image. I don't know how an ugly atheist would be treated.

  5. Okay, here is my two cents on them.

    By all accounts, Brad Pitt is reported to be a nice guy. He is said to be a bit dumb, but just a nice guy.

    Her- well her batshit crazy is documented. She has been a cutter, involved with her brother, and been hospitalized for psychiatric reasons. She is also a master of PR. When she does a bad movie, or does something that will affect her image, she counteracts it with a humanitarian move. When she adopted Zahara, she had all of the cameras there, and at the same time, Madonna was there too, sans media, and had given tenfold the money that she had. She also turned the media on Jennifer Aniston to deflect from being the other woman, and when Brad Pitt found out, he almost split up with her. By the way, Zahara came to deflect the fact that she was moving in with him.

    Nevertheless, they have both contributed to many causes, and for whatever reason that they did it, they still did it. I think that the lack of sleep from having an insane amount of children is affecting his looks more than hers, but hey, they are good looking people.

    An interesting sidenote. My friend works in special effects. Years ago, she had facecasts of them. We put them side by side, and all of us concluded that they really looked alike, and that they should breed because the kids would come out very uniform and beautiful. It really does not reflect in pictures, but they have similar lips, cheekbones and chins. They are like the male/female versions of one another. And, she is really unbelievably tiny. Her head was like the head of a doll. So, there you go.


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