Friday, February 5, 2010


Some free verse I jotted out from the tip of my brain (may have religious undertones--but tried to keep it secular and natural). That is all.

I am the poet, the bard, the grand artificer, of the universe. From the sun to the moon to the stars in-between, all are the creations of my endless imagination. Reality exists because I wish it to, and time captures each moment because I would not let one quantum of silence go unnoticed if it meant that the grandeur would be taken for granted by those oblivious to the magnificence in the preciousness of life and the intrinsic beauty of nature. Only time can seek to make them aware of that which passes them by. 

I've toppled civilizations with my mind, and reconstituted nations with a single thought, changed the course of numerous existences and watched in amiable wonder at the unfolding of events as cause leads to effect, and action to reaction, all weaving a delicate tapestry where each and every person’s destiny is interwoven into the fabric of fate. Behold! The pen is not mightier than the sword, the pen is my sword! Containing only the power of my imagination, my words are the flames of righteousness which lick the blade of my pen quill with frenetic energy, rippling with the power to change worlds.

Gaze upon the great void of nothingness that I make my canvas, a mere tapestry with which I paint my inspiration upon, so that I may fill the void with a cosmos filled with iridescent hues of swirling star dust and glowing hot galaxies, lighting up cosmic clouds and illuminating nebulae sprinkled with the glitter of stellar furnaces blanketing the sky. Anything I do not like I write it out of history and time, and what I desire I make anew. And in this vast power to create I bring unlimited possibilities into the fold of existence. 

In all this, there is not one spec of knowledge or intuitive inclination, invisible connection, or secret yearning I did not conceive of or oversee. Herein these trials and tribulations of triumph and misery, of experience, nothing has ever passed me by, because all, even the smallest minutiae have immense significance.

But for all my toiling, of all the inventions and portraits that I have labored away on, of all the elaborate canvases I have tireless tried to perfect and make masterpieces, there is none more profound than a solitary concept of overwhelming importance. Somewhere from my subconscious it arose, and suddenly it took a life of its own, because it is the most profound and simultaneously the most mysterious. Indeed, this creation is something which even I cannot fully comprehend because it sometimes eludes me. Its force is primal—it’s influence undeniable—its value everlasting. Of all the inventions of wonderment, the most inspirational, the most holy, is LOVE.

Only LOVE captures the essence of the way things ought to be. It is in LOVE where we find our true selves, and it is only in veneration of this lofty ideal that will save us from a wretched fate far worse than death. LOVE is the cure to end all ills and fix all wrongs, and in this single principle is the power to overthrow my own passions and lead me to never before dreamt of echelons of sublime understanding. It is in LOVE where we gain true salvation.

--Tristan D. Vick

Advocatus Atheist

Advocatus Atheist