I getz mailz


Although I am still on Holiday, I thought I would share this brief bit of excitement with you all.

On a friends blog, a person who shall remain anonymous, commented on how my friend (and atheists in general) ought to raise and educate their children. Upon finding out that this person had no kids of his own, I realized how condescending and arrogant it was to offer other parents advice on how to go about raising their own children.

So I called him condescending and arrogant (you know, since that is what he was technically being--a class A--well--you get the idea).

This is the reply he wrote:

"That Tristan D. Vick must resort to obscene name calling to lend credence to his criticism."

Yup. My criticism is all about the name calling. It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that people who tell parents how to raise their own children (without ever having children of their own) are complete assholes.

Also, later on in his rant against my observation of his tactless and very much unwarranted advice, he mentioned something to the effect that my opinions didn't count because I live in Japan.

Which I thought... WTF?

Apparently, on top of being an asshole, the person is also an idiot.

Mind you, I could be mistaken, he may be a super genius. However, I somehow doubt it. If he were an official child care professional, then perhaps his opinion would carry some weight. I value the training and expertise of child care professionals, even if they haven't had children themselves. They do work with children everyday, as do I, an elementary and junior high school teacher.

Although it was never made explicit that this person was a child healthcare professional.

On top of all this, since the moderator of the blog refused to post his follow up rants, this guy decided to email me personally, just so I would know he was displeased with all my name calling. Cuz, you know... my comments are all about obscene name calling and what not.

Not that it matters though, because I live in Japan.

How is that not strange?


I received a follow up letter from this anonymous know-it-all. 

"As predicted, JPDtyxx did not post my follow up email, so I have forwarded it to you.

Since he states your post could not have said it better, your post needs addressing.

My initial comments were intended for The Atheist Missionary, not his blog, and not you.

I was not interested in a dialogue, nor did I pretend to be. It was the utter hypocrisy with which he writes about particular subject matter that prompted my email. I am well justified in my remarks.

I am not interested in a dialogue with you. I only write to suggest that you may want to put forth more informed posts in the future. Keep in mind that vulgarity and name calling do not often strengthen a point."

Except, I might point out, the name calling was my point. Not that it matters... since he is not interested in a dialog. He is merely interested in telling people what to do and how to raise their own children apparently. 

The point being... this arrogant wanker doesn't simply get to remark on how me or anyone else should raise or educate their kids, then proceed to claim our opinions don't count, only to add that his remarks are all completely justified.

My friend commented, as mentioned in Mr. know-it-all's email, that he couldn't have put it better than I did when I stated in defense of my friend something to the tune of:

"[Mr. Know-it-all] assumes you have done bull-squat in real life to aid your community or help others (typical condescension). Among many other muddle headed misconceptions about how he can raise and educate your children better than you can (apparently). This is sheer arrogance on his part."

Since he seems to be so keen on offering advice, here is some of my own... until you actually start working toward justifying the claims you make, don't automatically assume your remarks are justified. I still haven't seen anything in terms of credentials or experience that would make me comfortable allowing this person to raise my child or anyone elses for that matter.

In the meantime...

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


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