Ignosticism: The Book (Upcoming)

I think you will all be pleased to lean that I am finally collecting my research and thoughts regarding ignosticism into a book.

The book takes a look at ignosticism, which is a theological position, and uses it as a strong disproof for God as well as a strong argument for atheism.

Some have suggested that ignosticism is different than atheism and agnosticism in that it doesn't consider the question "Does God exist?" relevant, whereas atheism and agnosticism do.

As an ignostic-atheist, I have to say that ignosticism is a very powerful argument. Its premise is simple. Definitions of God need to be coherent. If they aren't, then they cannot be meaningful. Additionally, ignosticism holds that if the definition isn't at least falsifiable, such as saying God is "transcendent" then all you have done is define God in terms of God, which is circular reasoning, and therefore leads to an fallacy based definition of God who is transcendent because he is God, and thus the question, again, becomes meaningless. 

I hope to have the book finished and out by October.

Stay tuned for updates!


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