Shame on Dubai!

Dubai is an Islamic city in the United Arab Emirates and is turning out to be a rape capitol of Islam. What's truly shocking is this isn't to be totally unexpected. Islam is a belief system that seeks to dominate and control the woman. In countries that follow the Islamic Sharia laws, such as the UAE, extramarital sex is completely forbidden and an unmarried couple can be punished for kissing or even holding hands in public. Punishment generally involves imprisonment and flogging.

In Islamic governed countries double standards abound, especially where men and women are concerned, and Dubai is the perfect example of this unfair belief system being enacted as a frightening reality.

News has erupted with the unjust sentence of a 25 year old Norwegian rape victim, who has been sentenced with 14 months in prison for the crime of "being raped." Meanwhile her rapist gets off with an easy 13 months.

It says a lot about the sense of justice of your culture when the criminal gets sentenced to less time for the degrading, hateful, assault of another human being whereas the victim must suffer the agony of being blamed for another person's crime on top of the trauma already dealt.

Here's a short summary of other women who have been assaulted in Dubai (borrowed from the fine folks over at Atheist Republic).

  • In 2008, Alicia Gali, an Australian citizen in Dubai, was brutally gang-raped after being drugged. She was convicted for 12 months on charges of extramarital sex and alcohol consumption. She was pardoned after 8 months, along with the three men who were convicted for the assault.
  • In December 2012, a 28-year-old British woman in Dubai, who reported being gang raped by three men, was convicted for consuming alcohol without a license. She was subsequently fined 1,000 dirhams (approx. $257).
  • In 2010, a 23 year old British national reported being raped by a waiter in a luxury hotel in Dubai. The woman, who was inebriated, sought the help of the waiter to guide her to the ladies room, where she was allegedly raped. Her attacker denied the accusation and after questioning, the lady was arrested along with her boyfriend for having sex outside of marriage in their hotel room.
  • In 2003, a 39 year old French woman was allegedly raped by 3 men as she left a nightclub in Dubai following her birthday celebrations. The men, who were friends of the manager of the club, offered to drop her off at her hotel, which she accepted. She was then taken to an outlying area and sexually assaulted. The two of the men denied rape charges while one accepted having consensual sex. Subsequently, she was charged with being a prostitute and having "adulterous sexual relations."
Minutes after posting the Australian news program Sunday Night's documentary on Alicia Gali, with the caption "Shame on Dubai," my link was flagged as inappropriate "hate" speech.

So to whoever reported me, "Fuck you. You're filth. You're immoral garbage and you're a bigger disgrace than the rapists who harmed these women and the country that spat in their faces."

And to the UAE and Dubai.


And that's not hate speech. That's just telling it like it is.

To those Muslims who have done nothing to protest their religion's sickening practice of injustice and abuse of women. I also give you, in all fairness, a well deserved:


Apologies for the tone of the rant to my regular readers. I just cannot tolerate such level of abuse against women. As far as I'm concerned Sharia law is a crime against humanity. And I think any culture which sponsors it is sick and needs to be inoculated against. 

As always...

Live well and be wise. Also, don't travel to Dubai.


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