Friday, August 16, 2013

Religious Hate Be Damned--Try Humanism Instead

I recently came across this touching story about a 15 year old gay teen who came out to his gay-hating religious parents. You can read it here.

What strikes me about this story is that the woman's religion didn't teach her to love. It taught her how to hate. The religious community didn't love, because it was obsessed with exclusivist like-minded kowtowing to faith and hated everyone who was different or did differently. 

And amid all this rampant hate, a 15 year old boy (who just so happened to be gay) called them on it, and told them it is time to stop hating and start to love. And to think, they didn't learn that from any religion. They learned it from a human who longed to be accepted and loved for who he was. That's the spirit of humanism right there. Religion be damned.

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