Religious Rules of Ritual that Try to Be Logical But Fail Make Me Laugh (Funny)

I found this via the science channel Vsauce on YouTube and it made me laugh out loud. I just imagined everyone on every tenth floor synchronizing their watches to the exact moment the sun sets at that elevation. So funny.


You cannot trick God by taking the high speed elevator to the top!

Like Santa, he'll know. He'll knows if you've been naughty or nice.
Which raises a few completely valid questions...
It this building simply too high for God to see what people are up to?
Is that why they need the reminder?
Is the elevator too fast for God? 
Perhaps that's why they need the reminder?
Maybe it's just a way to remind people that God, like Santa, is *always* watching them.
Even during elevator sex? Don't pretend like it doesn't happen.
If you ride the elevator up after Iftar, and get to a second sunset, does that mean you have to do a second Iftar?
Why not set a standard time for Iftar instead of just following the sun?
If we build a space elevator, what does the rule become when there are no longer any sunsets but the sun just hangs in the sky all night and all day?
Why didn't Allah, or God, or any of his prophets for that matter, inform us as to the exact practices when new technlogies are involved? 
Didn't he know?
Didn't he wants us to know?
If not, why not?
Could it be...
These are just silly man-made superstitions?

I'll let you be the judge of that.


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