Sunday, January 1, 2012

Not Enough Faith to be an Atheist?

Happy New Year everyone!

During my vacation I am currently reading several books, one of which is Norman L. Geisler's Christian apologetic book I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist. 

Personally, I find that the tone is overly arrogant. The first chapter involves a few anecdotal stories about how when Geisler was a missionary he went door to door across America preaching the "Good News." Not surprisingly, the stories are always in his favor and depict him outwitting arrogant and ornery non-believers, all of whom later come to Jesus. Naturally.

So far, I have learned that Geisler is pretty much ignorant of what constitutes a genuine atheist. Although this should come as no surprise to us since he doesn't actually seem to care to find out what atheists actually believe. Instead he offers up bizarre and strange straw-men--depicting atheists as the stereotypes which religious demagogues love to ridicule for being rebellious and defiant of God (never mind this contradicts what an atheist technically is), or are secretly angry with God (never mind this is an illogical statement--since atheists can't be angry with something they don't believe in), or just ignorant of the truth of religion. Which as far as I can tell--hardly resemble actual atheists or nonbelievers. At least not like the ones I have come to know since my deconversion. Most of the atheists I have come to know, as it so happens, tend to know a lot (a lot!) about religion. 

Geisler states, in chapter one, that "Evangelical Christians believe that they ought to obey Jesus' command to "make disciples of all nations" (Matt. 28:19).

Right from the get go we learn that it's not about coming to terms with learning to understand or accept the atheist position, but rather is a full out attempt to convert atheists and, according to Geisler's beliefs, make disciples out of them.

I'll report more on the chapters as I make my way through the book. 

In related news: Evangelical Realism also tackles Geisler et al. and gives the book a more in depth criticism--if you're interested.

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