I Get Strange Comments

This comment was left on The Advocatus Atheist backup blog on Word Press.

"Dear author of this blog:

Just present to mankind what is your atheists’ concept of God; don't talk uselessly on and on in the cloud without your concept of God adequately presented, in term of the first and foremost role of God in the universe, in man, and in everything with a beginning; otherwise you are talking nonsense because you have not presented your concept of God, which you insist there is no being in objective reality corresponding to the concept.

Always present the concept of the thing you are in end purpose denying to exist, otherwise you are inanely talking endlessly to no precise definite direction."

My response.

Pointing out that God may be a manmade concept doesn’t mean atheist literally believe in God.

It means they believe God is a manmade concept.

I don’t see how this confusing to people.


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