If you're Religious. Stop it!

Dear Christians, Muslims, and other Religious fanatics. Enough is enough already.

It's bad enough that your odious practices murder innocent babies.

It's worse still that your depraved ideologies make it so women, and potentially their unborn children, might die because you feel it's morally okay to withhold important medical information.

How mentally sick do you have to be before you think that is anywhere near close to being justifiable?

You may even feel it's a good idea to stop public education as to the proper methods of safe sex, full well knowing that your teenagers will continue having unsafe sex regardless.

Well, it's not! In fact, every study shows that when you do that the odds of your kid engaging in risky sex, which they will do, and catching an STD is very likely.

That's your burden to bare. But I have a bigger problem with the gleeful desire to make ignoramuses out of your kids. That's just backwards. If you want to equip your children and prepare them for tackling the future head on, you give them knowledge. You don't withhold it.

I'm an educator with two college degrees. So take it from me, I know a thing or two about good pedagogy. What you are proposing is not the cure to your children's problems. It's part of the disease.

Here's the truth of the matter. All you Religious Nutters and Wacky Christians are doing are killing babies, harming women, and infesting your teenage sons and daughters with STDs, and the worst kind of pestilence of all--ignorance.

Perhaps you believe these things wouldn't happen if the world just listened to what you have to say. If they'd believe in God a little more.

I'm here to tell you whatever you have to say your extremist religious views are irrelevant. It's not about some secret spiritual war going on--between the forces of good and evil--it's about what you are actively doing to your children.

And what you are doing is causing irreparable HARM!

You are inflicting pain, suffering, and ignorance upon them. As a teacher and a father, I have to wonder, how can you live with yourselves?

I for one am deeply troubled by your religoius policies. And because they affect me and my children, and my friends' children, I have to politely ask you to...

Knock it the fuck off.

Thank you.

If you're the type of religious person who is decent, and kind, and you want to tell me that not all religious people are bad. That your church, or mosque, or group is peaceful... don't tell it to me. 

Share that with your religious brethren. Send some criticism their way. Inform them their are better ways to think, act, and behave. Because I'm afraid that if you don't, then you're just part of the problem.


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