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Is God Evil?: Something to Think About (Part 1)

Disclaimer : If you believe in God, and don't want to be intellectually challenged, then do not read this essay. However, that said, if you are serious about your faith, then this is a subject which you may find thought provoking. If not, you can leave it. However, due to the overflow of negative comments about my title by enraged Christians who have NOT read the content of the article, I must put up this warning. Also, as a secular historian, I think I am well within my right to offer evidence which suggest, contrary to the popular lexicon which attributes all things good with God, that there is a vast history which shows there is also a lot of bad attributed to God. This cannot simply go overlooked by someone who is concerned with getting to the bottom of things and discovering the real truth.  Would a moral God command his pious adherents to do something which is clearly wrong? If so, he cannot possibly  be a moral god. If not, then this quote of the Abrahamic God must have

Illogical: For Feeno!

My Christian friend who goes by the Blog handle of Feeno, asked me to do my best Spock impersonation: "T Vick, Could you please, in your best Spock impersonation give me his answer to the question of " is there a God?"   Live long and prosper, feeno" My pleasure: "Captain, many primitive civilizations of your early Earth's history believed in some form of divine all powerful being, but I must say, there is no convincing evidence to endorse such a hypothesis. The idea of God is unsubstantiated. And so, to claim something exists without the proper evidence would be... (*raises eyebrow...) illogical." By the way, Captain James T. Kirk was a true skeptic and an atheist also. Have a good weekend everyone.

An Atheist explains Xmas!

†This time of year many Christians seem to get on edge whenever the term Xmas gets tossed around. Many believers feel that the simplified form Xmas takes the Christ out of Christmas. However, this is not entirely accurate, since the X in Xmas isn't actually an abbreviation as commonly thought. Low and behold, the X is actually the Greek version of Christ's name! †   (Note: Christ's name is most commonly written in Greek, because the NT was originally written in Greek). The well known Christian image of the Labarum (also known as Chi-Rho, or else the large X [ Chi ] with a P [ Rho ] running through it), was first coined by the Christianized Roman Emperor Constantine I (274-337), and is taken from the Greek word for Christ or Χριστος. Wikipedia explains further: The labarum, an amalgamation of the two Greek letters rendered as ☧, is a symbol often used to represent Christ in Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Christian Churches. However, the iconog

Atheism Isn't a Religion--So Get Over It!

Atheism, according to the psychologist Dr. Darrel W. Ray, and author of The God Virus , is simply a life without imaginary friends. It's not a belief system, and it's not a religion, it's simply a cogent position predicated on the positive side effects of cognitive understanding, critical thinking, and intellectual honesty.

Does Religion offer Good Guidance and Morality?

--> --> What is the source of morality? Is it the Bible?  Nope. God? There’s no proof of it. Could it be religion? That would bring us back to the tenets of that particular religion. In his exceptionally revealing book Godless , the ex-Christian Evangelist Dan Barker, keenly observes: The bible nowhere states that every human being possesses an inherent right to be treated with respect or fairness… A true moral guide should have some principles. If humans are supposed to treat other humans in certain ways, or to avoid treating humans in other ways, then there should be some examination of the general value of human life and of human rights. Yet this is not to be found anywhere in the bible. [i] Needless to say I am still shocked by how many Christians and devout Theists make the mind-boggling assumption that atheists are immoral because they are without God only to needlessly reinforce this statement with overstated statistics. It seems to me, at least, to b

The Imperfect and Immoral Teachings of Jesus Christ

[Disclaimer: In what follows is an examination of the immoral teachings of an imperfect, or perhaps I should say all too human, Jesus Christ.] Introduction Critics of organized religion often point out the problems behind faith, namely that faith based thinking is always directly tied to faith based acts. This means, quite simply, that the more intolerant one’s verses of scripture and tenets found in holy books are, the more these doctrines can breed ill will and contempt and have a negative influence on the thinking of the individual who subscribes to that particular brand of faith.  Upholding the Teachings of Christ as Virtuous: Are Christians Moral or Simply Morally Confused? Christians like to cite that Christ taught, "But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you" (Matthew 5:44) and will remind us that this shows that not all Christians are into