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Happy Easter! The Truth About the Resurrection of Jesus

W ith Easter Sunday approaching, I would like to look at the resurrection account of Jesus Christ from the historical perspective. In other words, beyond the stories contained in the Christian Bible what does history really have to say about the event itself. It’s commonly known that Christians in the 2nd and 3rd centuries didn’t read the New Testament because the New Testament didn’t exist yet. The New Testament scholar and historian Bart D. Ehrman teaches us that The books themselves, of course, had been written, but they had not yet been collected into a sacred and authoritative canon of Scripture. The term canon refers to a collection of authoritative books. … our canon did not yet exist as an officially recognized collection during the second and third centuries. He goes on to inform us that this was just the least of early Christians worries. Because there were so many books that were written and published together – all of them claiming to be authoritative – th