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It's your basic no-brain-pro-life-nonsensical propaganda bullshit

Click to enlarge To preface this: It's my response to an absurd meme that shows a bunch of animals on the endangered animal watch list and then, next to these majestic animals, shows a pregnant woman with text that reads something like "It is legal to kill the babies of only one of these animals."  Of course, I am in a bad mood today and so I just couldn't bite my tongue. I normally just keep scrolling. But today I had to point out the fallaciousness of the meme and that it's a false equivalency. The offspring of the animals depicted are protected by law, sure, but so are all human born babies. Human babies are not being murdered en mass after birth (only in the imaginations of whacked out pro-lifers completely detached from reality). Needless to say, pointing out that this wasn't a valid argument of any kind ruffled the feathers of at least one super duper concerned citizen. I love the paranoia of these zealot Christians masqu