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My Non-Fiction Publications Thus Far (2015)

The Advocatus Atheist Why are atheists so angry? Do all atheists really just want to lead reckless lives and live in depravity and sin? Also, do atheists support things like abortion and gay rights because they have no moral compass to speak of? Find out the answer to these questions and many more like them in this book!    Atheism is the world's third largest religious oriented belief after Christianity and Islam respectively, yet so many people seem to have deeply rooted misapprehensions about what atheism is and what it is atheists believe. This book will clear up any confusion there might be about atheism and help people come to a sympathetic appreciation of the atheistic worldview, even if in the end they simply decide to agree to disagree.    In this book, Tristan Vick - once a Christian and now a skeptic - shares with us selections from his popular writing as an outspoken atheist. Tackling hot-topic and controversial subjects ranging from feminism, to gay rights, marri

Thought of the Day #2

Theology isn’t the examination of God per se, rather it’s the examination of the gods we fancy, the gods we presuppose are real, the gods we want to be real. In other words, theology is an examination of humanity’s insecurity and narcissism.

Thought of the Day

If something like an all powerful God were to exist, I don't see why it would want to have anything to do with us. The human race is a lowly specimen of creature. We would appear as though mere insects, or more accurately, mundane bacteria to such a being. The Christian notion that God desires our love and seeks a personal relationship with us, I find, is an interesting idea if only because it seems to get things backward. It is we who desire to be loved and who want to find acceptance. If we could only learn to love one another and accept others for who they are, then we would all find the love and acceptance we so yearn for in each other. Then, whether or not there is a God is rendered unimportant. We wouldn't need him. All we would need is each other. And this is the kind of humanism I'd gladly welcome with open arms. It's a pity, then, that so many people turn out to be assholes.

Quote of the Day: G.W. Foote

“We are charged with doing the work of the Devil. This is indeed news. We never knew the Devil required any assistance. He was always very active and enterprising, and quite able to manage his own business. And although his rival, Jehovah, is so dotingly senile as to yield up everything to his mistress and her son, no one has ever whispered the least hint of the Devil’s decline into the same abject position. But if his Satanic Majesty needed our aid we should not be loath to give it, for after carefully reading the Bible many times from beginning to end, we have come to the conclusion that he is about the only gentleman in it.”  –G.W. Foote

It's Official!

The Swedish Fish is now available in paperback. It should be up on in a couple of days. If you want to order your copy directly, and right now, go to Thanks!