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The Prophet Paradox

  The Prophet Paradox: Jesus the Legend & Problems with Messianic Truth Claims Below is a list of those who dazzled crowds with their magic, miracles, parables, and other wonders, but more importantly, who claimed to be the Jewish Messiah! Messiahs have come and gone, but even before Jesus of Nazareth, there was a plethora messianic savior types to choose from. A person of antiquity had their pick! Almost all of them, if not most of them, accomplished a few of the same miracles that Jesus did. Simon Magus was probably the most notorious of the lot. From his namesake we get the sin of ‘simony’ which comes from the ungodly attempt to buy spiritual salvation and miraculous powers, something that was so disgusting to Peter that it made it into the canonical Gospels (see: the canonical Acts of the Apostles, verses 8:9-24). Funny that some years later the Catholic Church would begin selling Indulgences , the very thing early Christians detested and viewed as signs of false prophec

A Case for Frozen Accidents

A Case for Frozen Accidents Why Trusting in Science is Better than any New Age Hocus-pocus Creationist Conjecture  “Einstein once asked the question: ‘How much choice did God have in constructing the universe?’  …This, however, may not really have been all that much of a choice; there may well be only one, or a small number, of complete unified theories, such as the heterotic string theory, that are self-consistent and allow the existence of structures as complicated as human beings who can investigate the laws of the universe and ask about the nature of God.” –Stephen Hawking ( A Brief History of Time )             Christians for centuries have argued for a very different universe than the example we see. Only recently have the failed predictions and presuppositions of Christianity caused theologians to offer ad hoc suppositions as to God’s actual intent when he designed the universe we do see.  Facts cannot be made to fit theories, theories are based upon the facts. Yet this