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Women Beyond Belief: Dr. Karen L. Garst's new book

“For me, being an atheist has set me free from ignorance and stifling gender expectations. As a woman, others don’t tell me what my place is; I make my own destiny. I wasn’t created in the Garden of Eden to be a helper to a man. Learning isn’t something to be feared and punished by a control-freak god who values ignorance over knowledge, the supposedly forbidden fruit. It is more difficult to make sense of the world on your own rather than to defer to a book, but it is more honest too.” --Lilandra Ra Lilandra Ra is a science teacher who was raised in both Catholic and Baptist churches. She is one of 22 women who have written essays about their personal journeys away from religion. Karen L. Garst has compiled these essays into a book entitled “Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life without Religion,” which can be pre-ordered on Amazon. If you're familiar with my own publications, you'll know that I did something similar with Joanathan M.S. Pearce, when we pub

I Get Strange Comments

This comment was left on The Advocatus Atheist backup blog on Word Press. "Dear author of this blog: Just present to mankind what is your atheists’ concept of God; don't talk uselessly on and on in the cloud without your concept of God adequately presented, in term of the first and foremost role of God in the universe, in man, and in everything with a beginning; otherwise you are talking nonsense because you have not presented your concept of God, which you insist there is no being in objective reality corresponding to the concept. Always present the concept of the thing you are in end purpose denying to exist, otherwise you are inanely talking endlessly to no precise definite direction." My response. Pointing out that God may be a manmade concept doesn’t mean atheist literally believe in God. It means they believe God is a manmade concept. I don’t see how this confusing to people.

Is New Atheism a Religion? Theism vs. Atheism. Which is more Rational?

A recent commentor left some statements regarding atheism on my other AA blog regarding his views on atheism. Among the statements he made, he claimed that atheism wasn't the more rational position. That theism doesn't need to prove itself even as it has made the positive claim. And that New Atheism is a religion even though atheists won't admit to that fact. I think you'll find that these are your typical apologetic statements which many Christians are taught. It's a bit of anti-atheism rhetoric that doesn't actually deal with the claims or try to engage in skeptical inquiry, but merely attacks the other side's position without giving thought to what is actually being said. Both theists and atheists on both sides have been guilty of going off half-cocked in the past. But my article wasn't about any of this, per se. I was talking about probabilities and why atheism is more rational because there are no convincing reasons to compel us atheists

The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser: Guest Post on Abortion

Since I was on the topic, Bruce graciously allowed me a platform to talk in-depth about the subject of abortion and women's rights on his blog.  If you'd like to check out my guest article "Is Abortion Murder?" please go to The Life and Times of Bruce Grencser and read it by clicking HERE . Thank you!

Abortion is Evil and Equates to Murder! Period!

"Abortion is Evil and equates to murder. Period." If you are the type of person who believes this, I'm sorry to be the barer of bad news, but in all likelihood you've been brainwashed. I don't say that to be divisive. Really. I don't. It's just an observation. See, the thing is, you can't exactly talk about the meta-ethics regarding something as complex as abortion in absolute, black and white, terms and still expect to be taken seriously. It's just not gonna happen. Saying "all abortion is evil" and "abortion is murder" is a very binary way of thinking, it's either right or wrong, good or bad, and leaves no room for discussion. It is a lot like a doomsday preacher giving the date of the end of the world. You might believe it, sure. You might scream it at the top of your lungs. But the fact remains, it's simply not true because you want to believe it's true. One's mere opinion is not an adequate subs