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Bibliography Update! The Swedish Fish: Deflating the Scuba Diver and Working the Rabbits Foot: Answering Christian Apologetics

It's crunch time as I near the end of my second wave of editing before the book goes out for eyes to see, then more editing. After ten months of research, I feel it has progressed quite well, and so I share with you and updated bibliography to the book. Since I have six more chapters to edit, the bibliography may expand a little more depending on whether or not I need to cite any more sources, but this is a good look at what the final Bibliography will look like.  You may also notice that I don't cite any websites (unless they are an online journal). I chose to keep all my online references contained to in-text bibliographical material, so the links are contained in the footnotes rather than collected at the end.  I know many books these days tend to have a special bibliographies dedicate to just the web-sources, but seeing as that is about half my citations it would run at least as long as the full bibliography, which would be too long, so I've opted to

To Whom It Offends

Gods and Kings so great that they fold under the mere weight of opinions like oragami seek to erect laws which threaten violence against their kingdom and call any opinion they find disdainful a blasphemy. It is known by a wise few that blasphemy is anything the powerful wish to find themselves outraged by, and then cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war against all opinions that offend their crystalline sensitivities, while whipping their devotees into a rabid enthusiasm, that lustful hate, which condemns the other and demands undeserved adoration from those they seek to intimidate. Paper Gods and Kings want nothing more than to be the gaolers of opinions, because they know that razor sharp opinions lent by minds just as sharp could cut them down like straw, for they are not made of sterner stuff--they crumple and fold so easily--paper Gods and Kings. Oh, woe! Their followers weep fanatic crocodile tears at the mere thought of their exalted idol's contortions under the weight of

Yahweh's Evolution: A Look at the Israelite Pantheon and the Journey from Polytheism to Monotheism (From Chapter 20: The Vacuity of Christian Faith of The Swedish Fish)

THE SWEDISH FISH Yahweh's Evolution: A Look at the Israelite Pantheon and the Journey from Polytheism to Monotheism (From Chapter 20: The Vacuity of Christian Faith of The Swedish Fish ) 20 THE VACUITY OF CHRISTIAN FAITH We begin chapter twenty “Would a Most Perfect Being Have a Most Imperfect Church?” with the continued comparison of the Christian concept of God with the Greek concept of Zeus. While Zeus was created by other gods, Christians and Jews always taught that Yahweh is the creator of all things … The difference between various concepts of God is important for eliminating certain descriptions of the most perfect being. Remember my earlier objection to the method of assigning templates to your chosen God concept as a way to reject competing definitions as not compatible with your template? Holding up dissimilar God-concepts to your randomly selected template, and then saying this definition fits but that other one doesn’t, is easy.