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A Meme! I Memed!!! (Jesus Ain't Coming Back -- Sorry!)

  What I love about this little secular "Bible Lesson" is that it shows that you don't have to be Christian to be well-versed in Christianity.  It also shows that if the majority of the Christians who pretend Jesus is coming back had actually read their Bibles, they'd be gravely disappointed to find that the Bible itself (the very Word of God in their eyes) disproves their fantasy. I've always held that actually, truly, honestly sitting down and reading the Bible is one of the fasted and greatest tools to get to secularism. Does that mean you'll automatically turn into an atheist or an agnostic if you sincerely and carefully read every line of the Good Book? No. But it is a first step into becoming well-versed in Christianity. Something the majority of Christians are not. At least, in my experience.