Don't Panic!

I'm going to be taking a month off from blogging. The main reason is that here in Japan the largest spring holiday, called "Golden Week," will begin soon and I will be taking my family to Okinawa for part of the vacation. We still need to pack and get all our passport stuff in order. 

Also, I am going to read through Douglas Adam's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, since I've never read them. I'm already six chapters into the first book and loving it. Very funny stuff.

The last reason for taking a break is that I need to recharge my batteries. I have a couple of writing projects going on that require a lot of time and energy and, well, blogging, as fun as it is, doesn't pay the bills. So I need to focus on some other things and at the same time try and get my breath back from the year and a half sprint I've been doing here. 

(Although, if some smaller posts trickle in don't hold it against me.)

Before I go though, I'd like to give a shout out to the ever kind PZ Myers, who plugged my blog on his popular Pharyngula blog, and increased my traffic like a hundred fold! Now I'm ditching you all. 

Bwah-hahaha! Anyway, thanks PZ!

So enjoy the blog archives, leave comments and feedback, and remember, don't panic. I shall return before you get your next paycheck!

--Advocatus Atheist


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