Quick Update! Hello, Goodbye, and Thanks for all the fish!

This year I've tried to quit Advocatus Atheist not once, not twice, but three times! About a month ago I was convinced I'd retire the blog and move on to other things.

That obviously didn't happen.

I'm a writer, and Advocatus Atheists let me share my writing and my voice with the outside world. A lot of what I write is cathartic  and so I realized that after three failed attempts, I wasn't likely going to just quit cold turkey.

As such, my regular readers, and the 2,000 some odd weekly passers by, will be happy to know that I'm not going to retire my Advocatus Atheist blog. But I will be phasing myself out.

What do I mean by this?

Well, I've started a new blog called SCIEDEOLOGICAL, which covers the topics of Science, Ideology, and Logic (hence Sciedeological); including technology, education, humanism, and everything in between. As I work on generating quality content for that blog I'll be less involved here at Advocatus Atheist. That doesn't mean I will be disappearing forever, just that my presence will be neither here nor there. Kind of a quantum thing.

As a favor, I ask all my subscribers to head over to my new blog and subscribe.

How is SCIEDEOLOGICAL going to be different?

Well, it focuses on the things I have an interest in instead of being about the things which annoy me. It will still have philosophy, science, and cultural conversations, but it will be less aimed at nitpicking about religion. I have Advocatus Atheist for that.

But all this is just to say, don't expect a steady stream of articles or essays. Both blogs take up my professional writing time, and as I have three novels to complete in the next year and a half, I will be writing less on my blogs.

That said, let's just be glad that Advocatus Atheist, a minor blog sensation, is sticking around for the long haul.


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