God will give you Wisdom: Because Faith

“If you have enough Faith, God will give you wisdom.” 

God will give me wisdom because Faith. Really? A Christian actually said this to me on my Atheist blog. I can't help but feel compelled to respond to it. I mean, how could I not? So I shall. 

**As for the accrual of wisdom, this comes through study and experience and the reflection of both. Not, contrary to what you believe, based on the amount of faith you hold in something. I can have faith that the world is flat all I want—I can have heaps and heaps of it—but it still won’t make it true. Meanwhile, ignoring the truth that the world is actually spherical won’t make me any wiser, but it might make me the fool for having faith in incorrect propositions and palpably false beliefs. Faith is quite useless in providing you things of practical worth. Faith is just a feeling. A feel good feeling. A faithy feeling. Have faith all you want to if believing in things simply for the sake of believing in things is your goal. If you want to know the truth, and grow wise in experience and knowledge, then you must do MORE than simply have faith. You MUST question so that you might better learn the facts. But even then, it is truly the wise  person who realizes how very little she truly knows, regardless of how much knowledge she accrues, and it doesn’t take faith to find this sort of wisdom—just a bit of humility.**


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