Dear Religious Believer: Get Smart and Grow Up!

In 1996 Christian organizations were still sending women to hard labor internment camps for the crime of "showing affection" i.e., holding hands with boys. In 2013, under Islamic rule, Iran has passed a law that makes child pedophilia legal. 

Notice the thing Christianity and Islam have shown us they have in common: Their contempt for minorities (those who are different), especially women and children (not to forget homosexuals), and their continued practice of abusing hapless children to make them more receptive to childhood indoctrination (i.e., guilt tripping grade school kids at Bible camp so they will say the Sinner's Prayer and accept Jesus into their hearts, or telling a child they'll go to hell if they lie, or any such form of nonsense). Whether it's male circumcision or child brides, Vatican cover ups of Church sponsored child rape rings, to denying a Muslim woman the right to drive, to the simple act of telling a woman to cover her head or that she can't attend service because she is menstruating, all of it is a way to break the will of the individual and make them docile servants in the name of God.

Follow and obey, for the promise is love.

It's sad, truly sad, how many people continue down this damaging path in the name of faith, in the name of God, people who truly believe they are doing their calling by perpetuating the cycle, by teaching it to their children, so that when their kids grow up they'll have skinless dicks and hate gays just like God wants. So they may stone women for reading books and talking on phones, so they might force children to become sexual slaves to satisfy Allah's obsession with senseless laws and demonstrations of unthinking obedience. After all, it's all in the interest of the child, is it not? If they happen to bleed to death on their "wedding" night due to physical complications, then so be it. Allah wills what Allah wills. Who are we to question?

You say religion isn't all bad? Well, it's bad enough. It's bad enough that no religion at all wouldn't be so bad. So don't tell me all religion isn't bad. If the world looks like a better, safer, place without religion--and trust me--it does--then we should be striving toward that answer. Not ignoring it simply because we think we need religion in our lives. If you've bought into the scheme, and you're knee deep in the snake's oil, then I'm sorry, but I'm here to tell you to wake the hell up.

It's time to learn to take responsibility for your own words and actions. This might require you to say a little prayer to your God. A simple prayer. A prayer which goes like this. "Dear God, with utmost sincerity, fuck off."

Only then can you truly learn to love. Only then will you realize what the word 'love' even means.

If you can say that prayer, and you don't get struck by lightening, you may have just taken your first step toward true maturity as a rational thinking human being. If you cannot say that prayer, then odds are, you're just a slave. A slave to your religion and your faith. A slave to those who know how to use your religion as a weapon against you. After all, they already convinced you the unquestioning belief was a good thing--a sing of true faith. The rest is easy. 

Follow and obey, for the promise is love.

But you know what they say about promises that sound too good to be true right?

Yeah, thought so.


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