Tropical Typhoons, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis... Oh, my!

Typhoon Neoguri is heading straight for Kyushu, Kumamoto (where I live in Japan). We've already closed the blast doors (amido) which cover all the windows of our house with slatted metal aluminum shields to deflect rain and debris. 

I've been following it close on the English page of the Japan Meteorological Agency (which you can find by clicking here). The island that gets slammed (in the above image) by the typhoon is the on I am on. Kumamoto is the Prefecture facing the oncoming storm.

I'll keep you posted on how we fare. But if you don't here from me again... I've probably been whisked off to the magical land of Oz.

A beautiful calm 24 hours before the storm.

Probability for duration and strength of tropical cyclone.


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