Thought of the Day

If something like an all powerful God were to exist, I don't see why it would want to have anything to do with us. The human race is a lowly specimen of creature. We would appear as though mere insects, or more accurately, mundane bacteria to such a being. The Christian notion that God desires our love and seeks a personal relationship with us, I find, is an interesting idea if only because it seems to get things backward. It is we who desire to be loved and who want to find acceptance. If we could only learn to love one another and accept others for who they are, then we would all find the love and acceptance we so yearn for in each other. Then, whether or not there is a God is rendered unimportant. We wouldn't need him. All we would need is each other. And this is the kind of humanism I'd gladly welcome with open arms. It's a pity, then, that so many people turn out to be assholes.


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