Jesus Gets in a Fist-Fight with Anti-Abortion Protesters

In a bit of strange... The Friendly Atheist over at the Patheos blog has posted a very strange article about an altercation between a Fake Jesus and an anti-abortion protest crowd.

Apparently, Fake Jesus counter-protested anti-abortion protesters. The protesters didn't like being counter-protested, so confronted Jesus and created a scene. 

Tempers flared and one of the anti-abortion protester spat on Jesus. 

Apparently Jesus didn't appreciate that and JUDO kicked the motherfucker who spat on him. 

Now, in the aftermath of it all, the good ole Christian community -- who is in support of the rude and degenerate anti-abortion protesters (no surprises there) -- find out Fake Jesus's REAL identity and got him fired then ran him out of town in the name of -- Jesus? WTF?!

Needless to say, I don't condone violence of any kinds. But the Christian dude spat on his own lord and savior! Albeit, just an impostor. But still. Bad form.

I guess my only concern here is... what if it wasn't actually FAKE Jesus but the REAL Jesus the Christian spat on? 

I mean, what if Jesus had really come back? How is he greeted by modern Christians? By getting spat on. 

That's Christian love for you... willing to spit on their own Lord and Savior. 

I bet the protester who spat on Jesus didn't even to stop to wonder why Jesus was standing up for women's rights. He probably thinks, like most Christians, that Jesus had an opinion on abortion. He didn't. But if he did, and Jesus was pro-choice (rather than pro-life), then the Christian thing to do is spit on Jesus.

This is why I cannot take Christians seriously. The Christianity of 21st century America is a self-masturbatory cult that only chants the name Jesus so it can get away with not having to be held morally accountable for anything. It's nuts.


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