So Hard Not to Make Penis Joke! Sooo Hard!

So, a few years ago I tried to switch my Advocatus Atheist blog over to Word Press. At the time, however, they were messing around with their interface and didn't have easy to use templates they do now. And I didn't want to fiddle around making a full website, I just wanted to blog. So I moved back to blogger. 

I did however leave my Advocatus Atheist blog up and running though. And although it never gets updated, I still receive the odd comment now and again. 

This one though... this one made me smile. For obvious reasons. But I felt the commentor was being sincere, so I gave a genuine answer.


Here's the transcript of question (I know, I know... try not to laugh).

The entire universe "works" like something that has been PROJECTED. Only a thinking mind could make the world the way it is. Once I read in a comment on the internet that we should look at the bodies of men and women, at the way they perfectly match together to understand that a thinking mind created them. I totally agree with this. We just need to keep our eyes open and see... Einstein said that a bit of science brings you away from God, but a lot of science brings you to God.

And here's my response:

Physical laws may appear to be eternally present because we don't understand all the causes for the laws themselves. But the picture is getting filled in by science, not by believing in supernatural things that don't seem to explain anything least of all an actual physical law -- like gravity. That was explained by Isaac Newton. 

As per the rest of your comment, I just have to ask, do you actually believe in Intelligent Design because God made man and woman and because they "perfectly match together"? I assume you mean their anatomy, not their individuality (since personalities rarely ever match perfectly), correct? 

So am I to believe your argument for God and his intelligent design because a penis fits perfectly into a vagina? Really?

Believe what you like. But beliefs are not substitutes for facts. 

Everyone has beliefs. I do too. But would you simply be willing to believe them because I believed in them too?

What if I said to you... I have a belief. I believe that every turtle I see, and or ever have seen, or will see is the exact SAME turtle! Always. No matter what. 

You would say, that's not a sound belief. And you would ask me to prove it! And I'd say, well, all turtles look the same to me, so I believe every turtle is the same turtle.

You might think I'm crazy. But, hey, it's my belief.

I would say to you, obvious it's turtles all the way down, how could it be any other way? And I'd say it's one giant turtle that the world rides on. You can't disprove it, so it must be true.

And since we have evidence of turtles, which all look the same mind you, we can know it's true. 

I think it was Abraham Lincoln said a bit of turtle appreciation was all you needed to know it's turtles, all turtles, and nothing but turtles. We just need to keep our eyes open and see... after all.

Of course, I wouldn't expect you to take my word for it.

So why do you think I should take your word for it?

The short answer is, I don't have to. Because what you believe doesn't matter all that much to me in the same way my beliefs don't matter all that much to you.

Which is why I think it's more important to talk about what we can know and how we can know it.


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