An Almost Miracle!

So I was witness to a fluke in physics, an intervention in the space time order, a crazy unexplainable event... dare I say it... a miracle!

As I was walking to school the other day, with my leather bound Kindle, I was taking it slow as not to slip on the ice underneath a slim veil of white powder snow. Just three hundred meters away from the main school gates I slipped and unexpectedly my new Kindle sling shot out of my grasp and in slow motion I watched it fly through the air as I screamed, "NOOOOO!" 

It smacked down hard on the recently shoveled parking lot area and skidded several meters on frozen blacktop. I skidded up to it, picked it up, brushed it off and began to inspect it for damage fearing the worst. To my great astonishment, not a single scratch on the device, not even on the leather bound book jacket! But the aluminum logo was scratched to hell. Needless to say, it was a miracle! And so impressed was I with the invulnerability of my magic Kindle, that I paused to consider the possibility of divine intervention and I almost began a believer again.

Well, not really anyway. But it was still impressive none-the-less.


  1. After your inspection did you whisper "whew, thank God"?

    Now I must go google Kindle.


  2. Feeno-

    You know, I don't exactly recall, but I may have... right after having uttered "Goddammit!" lol

  3. I'm more of a "Oh shit" man myself.

    I am glad you didn't tumble like your reading device. (is that what a kindle is)?

    Peace Brah, feen

  4. I usually don't pimp my own blog, but you might like this entry.

  5. How is the Kindle? You would be the first I have heard speak of one.

  6. @Tink-

    The Kindle is amazing! With the book jacket it feels like a genuine leather bound hard cover! If you're holding it without it just feels like an electronic device, but I love the tactile feel of "bookiness."

    That said, it was rather slow up until last week when they did a software retooling for all the International Kindles. Now it reads quite fast, page turns are crisp, and the battery lasts a week and a half, two weeks if you turn the 3G wireless off.

    It holds up to 1,000 books, a virtual library, and you can download right from anywhere anytime.

    I have put a lot of my religious studies books onto it, plus some classics like the collected works of Jane Austen, PG Wodehouse, Shakespeare, Thomas Paine, Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, etc.

    I find it is excellent for my purposes. At school I always have a couple free hours each day, either during home room or at lunch, or if the schedule isn't too hectice I may have three periods back to back of relatively little planning. During these breaks I can read, and once where I was packing three monster size novels, now I have everything in one little compact reading device.

    Also I have found that I tend to read more on it. Usually when I get tired reading a book I put it back in my bag and leave it there for the rest of the day. But with the Kindle, if I get tired reading, I can take a break, open a different book and for some reason this refresh seems to work. Consequently, I am putting more reading hours in each day (approx. 6 hours or so).

    When I first got it I didn't think I'd use it that much, just for long trips and what not. But now I'm finding I enjoy it immensely. It still can't replace a real book, but it is so convenient and useful for studying, for on the train, for car trips, for taking to school, for slipping in the bag to have at the coffee shop, and all sorts of setting that it would be rather bothersome to take a full sized book with that I'm extremely fond of it.

    If there is anything else you'd like to know just ask!

  7. Ok.... What about the Ipad? Is it the same as a Kindle? Seeing as how you are in Japan, you would have access to these fancy electronics that have yet to get to North America. From what i understand, that Ipad is similar.

  8. Actually, the Kindle is simply an E-book reader.

    The iPad is a personal laptop/iPod hybrid. It is a full color device with advanced graphics processors and the ability to due personal computing tasks.

    The Kindle is just a black and white text based reader.

    But if you have an iPod touch or iPhone, then that's basically an iPad mini, so I don't see what all the hubbub is regarding the iPad. It doesn't even have a built in web-cam for video conferencing. So it's basically just a large iPod touch with no phone capabilities. Maybe in the future they'll come out with a second gen iPad with extra features and capabilities, but right now I just don't see the bother.

  9. Yeah, that is what I was thinking. Looked like a big Ipod too me. The Kindle is interesting.

  10. Tink,
    I don't have a e-book reader, so I'm not speaking from experience here, but I've also heard good things about the Nook from Barnes and Noble. You might want to check that one out too if you are considering getting an e-book device.


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