The Loaded Irony of Christianity

I was just thinking that it was sadly ironic that Christianity teaches abstinence but Christians have more unsafe sex than those educated in the precautionary methods of safe sex.

I find it doubly ironic that Christians profess the sanctity of marriage, yet Evangelical Christians have among the highest divorce rates in the U.S.

Even more ironic still is the fact that the Catholic Church is thought of as the body of Christ, an extension of his love for us, and yet, child rape runs rampant throughout an obviously corrupted institution.

I find it ironic that End of the World millennialists, like the recent Family Radio nutters, would cause their families so much grief and hardship for stupid beliefs which obviously proved false--yet other Christians ignore them entirely--saying they are fringe--and that they don't represent real Christianity. What compassion! What empathy!

I find it ironic that Christianity is preached as a religion of love, yet never tires of informing you that you will burn in everlasting hellfire if you don't believe it too.

I find it ironic that Christians will jump at the chance to talk with you about your differing beliefs, only to casually and impolitely slip in the fact that everything you believe is false, that they are right, and you are wrong.

It's strange, if not just a little bit ironic, that Christians think the Bible is in anyway reliable, the very bedrock of their pious faith, yet don't follow 90% of what it teaches.

I find it ironic that Christians think the Bible explains things in the natural world better than science, when in truth, that's such a distortion of reality as we know it that to believe such a thing is to prove oneself delusional.

Christianity is loaded with a thousand other ironies like these, but none of them seem to bolster faith in Christianity. Rather, all these ironies arise precisely because Christianity is such an oddity, that entertaining the bizarre beliefs makes for a rather amusing sort of contrast between the way Christianity desires us to view the world with how the world actually is.

Can you think of any other ironic aspect of the Christian faith? Please share them in the comments section below!


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