Quote of the Day: Lady Atheist

If Christianity were to start as a cult today, it would be so thoroughly laughed at and discredited it wouldn't stand a chance.  It only survives today because of childhood indoctrination and a long tradition of rationalization (oops that's called "apologetics").  If there had never been any religion before today and you suddenly had to pick from among the ten or so biggest religions, choosing Christianity would be selfish and amoral.  There's nothing noble in being a Christian. 

--Lady Atheist
Interesting, because I have never thought about it this way. I mean, if Christianity started as a cult, not 2,000 some odd years ago, but in this decade, would anybody even convert? Probably not very many. At least, I am assuming, there would probably be no more believers in the risen Christ than there are believers in the risen "King"--and by King I mean Elvis.


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