Advocatus Atheist: A New Direction and A New Purpose

A New Direction a New Purpose

The new direction of this blog is to talk positively about my beliefs, what they entail, and how I cam to form them once I have left God and religion behind. The very simple reason is that I had taken apart the God argument from nearly every angle. The scientific, the philosophic, the theological, and at the end, true agnosticism was the only conclusion and atheism was the only realization which made any real sense, all things considered.

After a while, my blogs were just rehashes of same old, same old type arguments. Criticisms of the failings of religion (if it wasn't obvious enough). Polemics against the religious institutions and the morons who run them (and all the religioso-accomodationalists who excuse them in the name of God). I was getting angrier and angrier with the sheer incredulity of people. The bald faced stupidity which went hand in hand with faith. And by stupidity I mean unquestioning, unthinking, attitudes with permeate much of religious culture (not an actual I.Q. quotient).

Then I received some criticisms. People who I were close to grew tired of my "nagging" about religion. Heck, I grew tired of it too. I understood the reasons they acted the way they did, even if they themselves didn't. Honestly, I have been a religious minded person nearly all of my life. The obsession with writing on religion was just the last hurrah of my religious inclinations hanging on. I think I have now gotten past my deconversion process which is why I have decided to change the direction, and tone, of this blog.

So with this new direction comes the question, what is my purpose? Why keep blogging if I have basically said all there needs to be said with respect to religion? Well, there are other things I value. Other causes and ideas which I want to share, support, and learn about. Also, I want to share with others how I have come to the place of understanding which I am currently at, and all that the journey entails, and knowing that the journey is never fully over, perhaps take the next few steps toward progress together.

That's the new direction and purpose. That's reason enough, at least I think, to continue blogging.


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