How to be a Christmas Douche

Step 1)
Vandalize perfectly harmless sign because you are threatened by any idea that differs from your own.

Step 2)

When the authorities refuse to take action, go vigilante and steal the sign yourself, thereby (temporarily) silencing those you disagree with, allowing you to freely censor the message like the little bitch you are.

Step 3)
Giggle like a little bitch as if you got away with it, at least until the next atheist sign goes up. If that happens...

Step 4)
Repeat steps one through three.

Meanwhile, instead of vandalism and your basic close-minded dougebaggery, your friendly neighborhood atheists will be enjoying their Christmas doing a bit of this...


Some of this...

Because we godless heathens really love our eggnog.

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays everyone! 

And to everyone a goodnight. 


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