#Ignosticism (My New Book!)

My new book on Ignosticism as a philosophical defense for atheism is now available in paperback and for Kindle! 

(Don't worry, all you ePub users, I'll be making it available for Nook later this week.)

So if you want to purchase an early copy, just heave over to Amazon.com. Thanks!

Ignosticism (Paperback)

Ignosticism (Kindle)

From the Back Cover

What if the question “Does God exist?” proved to be meaningless? What if the very definition of “God” was incoherent? Could you still, in good conscience, believe in something if it was incoherent and meaningless? Would it even be possible to talk about an incoherent and meaningless thing meaningfully? If not, then what consequences would follow from this realization? These are the questions which the branch of philosophy known as ignosticism concerns itself with. Ignosticism: A Philosophical Justification for Atheism examines these questions and delves into the idea that “God” is a type of language-game. Taking a Wittgensteinian view of language, Tristan Vick takes us on a journey from learning theory to semantics to psychology in this philosophical exploration of whether or not the idea of God holds any relevant meaning. Perhaps more controversial still, Vick makes the case that ignosticism, properly understood, can be used as a positive justification for the reasonableness of atheism.


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