Vick's Picks

Here are some of my favorite sites and news events to read about.

BBC News reports that passive smoking (e.g., 2nd hand smoke) kills and has killed 600,000 this year alone.

FBI thwarts idiot bomber in Portland Oregon from trying to practice the stupid art of terrorism.

An impromptu Star Wars reenactment on the NYC subway. Hilarious!

A little DJ Lubel to outrage your grandmother and conservative Christians.

One of the best interviews you'll ever read about learning anxiety with MIT's organizational psychologist Edgar H. Schein (from the Harvard Business Review, 2002).

Big Think present Dr. Kaku's Universe (Physics).

BBC Newsnight special with Christopher Hitchens.

Q TV interview featuring my secret Crush of actress/singer Amanda Lee (aka Mandy Moore).

Finally, YouTube personality Natalie Tran, funniest woman blogger on the Internet if not the world!

That's a wrap folks! Enjoy.


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