What Atheism is Not

Atheism is not a thing. It is not a religion, a theory, a belief, a doctrine, a political colour, a science or anything other than a rejection of claims made by people about the existence of SPECIFIC supernatural beings, IE theistic gods as described by holy texts. It has no rituals or dogmas, no authorities, no traditions, no edicts from elders, no heros, no gurus, no handbooks or texts. It makes no claims to ethics or morality, it encourages no kinds of behaviour (it is often a consequence of lucid thinking and skepticism but makes no demands on either).

Being an atheist does not encumber one with any obligations regarding sexual preference, voting patterns, eating habits, work and rest periods, clothing requirements, obedience, worship, fasting, shaving, beard-growing, reading, or ANYTHING ELSE. Atheists don't have to wear silly hats. It is not the claim that any god doesn't exist, or any other claim; it is a rejection of the claim that that god DOES exist.

Atheism accepts no burden of proof as it makes no claims or assertions about anything. It simply is the blank, unimpressed expression in the face of delusional, psychotic, religious fervor.

Being an atheist is simply saying, "I have no reason to believe your claim as it is not backed up by evidence." To be an atheist is to require an adult-like standard of evidence before accepting extraordinary claims.

Theistic gods are those gods about whom specific certain claims to knowledge are made; typically through ancient holy texts. Theism is belief in such theistic god/s. Atheism is the absence of such belief.

That's it. Nothing more to it. God mocking, anti-theism, rationalism, secularism, acceptance of the theory of evolution by natural selection etc are completely separate entities.

I'm so tired of seeing people and modern dictionaries (sometimes ignorantly, often dishonestly) misrepresent what atheism is; it enables the setting up of all manner or straw-men arguments to discredit a simple but healthy skepticism of the ridiculous.Please point this out whenever atheism is straw-manned as anything other than what it is.

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If you agree with what I have written please share it, tag yourself, like it etc. We need to get this out there. The charlatans are having a field day confusing people about the evils of atheism. --Gary Clemans-Gibbon


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