Criticizing Islam: Women are People Too!

In Saudi Arabia, there is an Islamic organization called the CPVPV which proclaims itself the executive arm of enforcing Sharia law. Sharia law, for those that don't know, is ridiculously absurd. That's all you need to know about it. I won't waste my breath even talking about it any further than to say--anyone who practices Sharia law is immoral and needs to learn how to respect their fellow human beings better.

Women are people too. Imagine my utter dismay when I read an article in USA Today stating that the CPVPV is now demanding that Muslim women cover, not only their heads, not only their entire bodies, but now their eyes too! Why? Because their eyes are, apparently, too attractive.

Attractive in this context means sexually stimulating--because simple beauty is not a crime. Arousing a man's carnal desires, however, is--in Islamic countries which practice Sharia.

What this tells us is that Muslim men who practice Sharia are without honor. They cannot muster enough courage or fortitude to control their own baser instincts, and so they cage their women in veils of darkness, and tell them that if they dare to come out--they will be punished, or worse, raped, caned, and potentially killed--because, according to the logic behind Sharia law, Muslim men are not civilized enough to know how to control themselves.

How could an entire religious culture find the very idea of feminine beauty offensive? Of course feminine beauty is tempting! It's basic biology. Men are attracted to women. Women are attracted to men. It doesn't mean we have to act like animals or beasts. Beasts, in the animal kingdom, frequently rape their females because it is the only way they can obtain a mate perchance to procreated. Civilized men show restraint, and thus separate themselves from the carnal instincts of their animal cousins. Monsters, on the other hand, make it a cruel habit to punish their women by treating the fairer sex less than equal. Tisk tisk. Whatever happened to a little self control, a little bit of dignity, and the simple sense of doing what's right? 

If Muslim men want to learn how to stop being sexist--here is how: Treat your women as equals. If you expect your women to cover themselves up--you shall do the same. It's that simple. If you desire to wear the clothes you want, then you must allow your women the same right. Until you can learn to respect women as equals--then your patriarchal chauvinism has no place in the civilized world.

If enforced, this Saudi law would make it legally binding for women to cover every inch of herself and make sure she is completely veiled, from head to toe, including her eyeballs! Not a single piece of her "flesh" would be allowed to be seen. She would be shrouded by the blackened stupidity of a religion which cannot respect her as a human being with basic human rights. Which is probably why the CPVPV has often been heavily criticized over its human rights violations--the CPVPV deliberately treats people less than human by adhering to a strict interpretation of Sharia law.

In 2002, the CPVPV refused to let female students out of burning schools in Mecca for "not wearing the proper head cover," which contributed to fifteen deaths.

What does it say about a culture where if a person were to murder fifteen school girls--they'd be considered the next Ted Bundy psycho serial killer--but if a religious backed organization does it in the name of the "religion of peace"--it becomes "morally" permissible. The very thought that people could twist evil such as allowing fifteen innocent girls to burn to death into a moral obligation--and then call it justice--is just grotesquely sickening in the worst possible way.

What it seems to show me is a fundamental flaw in the tenets of Islam, in the morally reprehensible teachings of Sharia, and the degenerate social norms of a country so barbaric that it places a higher value on the strict adherence to sexism and abuse of women than it does on the sacredness of human life.

Until Islam does away with Sharia law and starts treating women like precious gems which need to shine instead of covering them up from head to toe, hiding them away, and not even letting them come out of burning buildings when their very lives are at risk--until it does away with the stupidity of these disgusting and barbaric tenets, well, then it's just proving the point its detractors are making when they call it the most despicable and offensive (not to mention dangerous) belief system in the world.

I know many good, kindly Muslims, and I am sorry that some of them have to face such horrors, injustice, and persecution. It just doesn't seem right--most probably because it's not. Basic human rights are universal human rights because they belong to all humans--regardless of their religion or where they were born. Islam needs to recognize this--or else its inhumanity will be its downfall.


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