On Sophistry & Sophism

When a person is hell-bent on arguing with you simply because they want to be right, and you keep slapping them down with atomic-powered fact checking and yet they still continue to ignore you... it's flabbergasting.

Here's my interlocutor trying to correct my citation of the terms sophism and sophistry claiming that I misrepresented their meanings when I DENIED his accusations of me being a sophist by *correctly quoting what sophist meant.

"By the way, Sophistry is actually defined as a clever but ultimately fallacious argument, not necessarily one that is intentionally meant to deceive. I know, I’ve just checked the very same sources you used.

Here is what Merriam Websters said.

Simple Definition of sophistry: the use of reasoning or arguments that sound correct but are actually false: a reason or argument that sounds correct but is actually false

There is nothing about deceit here."

I responded by taking screen-caps of the cited pages. Talk about your epic smack-down. 

If you want to get on my bad side, it's to insinuate I'm a liar, distort my words, and not be charitable in your representation of my position. That brings out the DESTROYER. 

As my friend found out, to his great embarrassment, like the Incredible Hulk, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.



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