Sunday, May 30, 2010

Advocatus Atheist Book on the Horizon

A possible book in the works. I've decided to compile and edit the best blogs posts about Atheism and Secular philosophy, refine and edit them, and make a book out of the best writings I have here. Let me know if it's something you'd be interested in, why or why not, in the comments section below. Thanks!


  1. Tristan...

    I think that this could be good. I think that there is alot of power in personal testimony- let your personal become political. One thing that may be interesting for you to look at is this- I am assuming that you had certain "ideas" about women's reproductive issues when you were a Christian. It would be interesting to hear how that has changed. I think, personally, that people would respond to hearing how one person managed to undo that dogmatic type of thinking.

    I am excited... I will read it, and let me know if there is anything that I can do to help.

  2. Thanks Tink! I might ask you for help reading through the early rough draft of the manuscript once I finish compiling it.

    I finally finished selecting my best pieces, with a focus on atheism and my deconversion, and I'll order the essays and re-edit them to make them connect more coherently and read smoothly.

    I have my Table of Contents complete, so now all I have left is trimming out the fat, cutting it down to size, and making it tight as possible and getting it ready for publication quality.

    I'll probably be self publishing this one through Authors Online Publishing

    It's a print on demand publishing house, and they help you get everything in order, and for an extra fee have services like "indexing" and "cover design." However, I like to design my own covers--as you can see.

    At any rate,they allow 60% return (compared to Prometheus books lousy 30%) on all sales, and they let you sell your personal copies for whatever profit you see fit. They also register your book with Copyright Libraries and get you a U.S. and U.K. ISBN register so you can sell online on sites like

    So I have a plan. Do you think giving it a once over and sending me some feedback would be something you'd be willing to help me with. I'll need all the help I can get.

  3. Hey there Tristan!

    I've got to say that I really enjoy hearing peoples stories! You know, those personal narratives that really convey the experience of their lives. I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts and have learned not only about you, but from you as well. Just thought I'd let you know, otherwise you wouldn't!


    Steve the Sub-Cool One

  4. Great idea Tristan, even for starters i already loveee the cover !.How did you put that cover together, with some sort of internett tool?,it looks real choice.Id like to learn how.

    Just as a idea you can just simply ditch if its actually a bad one,i was thinking if you wanted some "feed back" on your present ideas of the best pieces your are already thinking you will use from Tink etc,why not post a short list.Just a thought i had.

    But anyway im sure you`ll have it all under control.

    Ive been meaning to write a book on my own experiences,my cousin has already written one and other ex members have been telling me to do so.Hell but im just not so much the open and out front type, i tend to like sticking a bit behind the shadows, and only just plucked up enough courage to start my own little blog which i can have a bitch and moan about matters of faith ..L.o.L

    Nice work Tristan .You got the good writing skills to really make this puppy fly.

  5. Steve-

    Thanks bro. Hope you'll dig the book when it comes out.


    Actually, I just use Microsoft Word for everything. I'm using the 2007 edition, and I'll be getting 2010 soon.

    It's a massive program and can do nearly anything--it just takes practice. As for creating a cover, I just load a blank cover page, import the pictures I want. Then I adjust them according to how I want it to look.

    After that I add the text, trying out different fonts until I find something that clicks, and I mess with color schemes, formatting, alignment, etc. until everything really pops.

    I went through 8 different covers before settling on this one.

    Finally I set the paper color, change the pattern to an image, select the image I want, and walla! A book cover.

  6. Yes!!!! Of course I will do that. I would be happy to help you. I may need you to return the favour this fall. I will send you more info later when we are starting to physically develop the project. Still in the research stage!

  7. Good luck on the book.

    Sinc eyou are already looking where to "tri the fat", might I suggest beginning with any parts of the book that might make the mistake that some atheists make by not realizing that "the discussion of God's Will or divine characteristics are conceptually related to discussions of God's existence, they are not synonymous"?

    It's almost becoming predictable as one blogger pointed out recently.

  8. I think that distinction is clear if you are talking about God in the deist sense of a being which might exist beyond our understanding, as compared to a personal God which exists in the minds of Christians.

    There is a difference between any ol' god and God, you know?

    One of the things that perturbed me as a Christian, which continues to perturb me now, is the fact that so many Christians strain their brains to try and conceptualize anything which would be close to the ideal concept of God they tote--even if such characteristics contradict the God of their faith.

    Christians can't have it both ways.

    But that's not an argument I even need to address, because it's a Christian problem.

    My book focuses on atheism and why I'm an atheist with some re-arranged and re-edited blogs from the website.

  9. Constant dripping wears away the stone. 滴水穿石!加油!.........................

  10. Totally bizarre... That "suggestion" would almost make it appear as though he does not understand what an atheist is.

    I am happy for you. It will be a good book.

  11. Go for it Tristan!

    BTW, that June 7th comment about the "constant dripping" . . . that's a spam comment that back links to some pr0n sites. Just letting you know. I get them, too.


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