Burnt Out

Sorry for the lack of savvy and well researched posts. I have been so busy with work the past month that I haven't had time to write that much (let alone do any proper research). I'm finishing my book up now and will probably post publishing info in the near future.

As for the God debate, it's over. I'm fairly certain atheists are right and the religious are suffering from misperception. I know believers would like to say it's the other way around, but for the fact that atheists have two things going for them--their argument is supported by SCIENCE!


The evidence for the existence of God is indistinguishable from the nothing atheists say they think is more probable than the existence of something which would require a surplus of tangible evidence which is seemingly all but absent. Let me word it another way, the evidence for God is exactly the same as if you'd expect nothing... so even if the atheist's conclusion turns out to be wrong--we ALL know that their prediction (as it is now) is undeniably sound.

Well, that's the uncertainty we all must live with.

I for one am burnt out on trying to convince believers to stop, pause for a moment, think about their beliefs, read a few good books, and re-think things. Anybody can cogitate... it never ceases to surprise me, however, that so many people should choose not to.

At any rate, if there is a subject any of you would like me to tackle or write on, just let me know.


--Advocatus Atheist


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