Vick's Picks Jan. 2011

Some of my favorite online tidbits:

1. CiviliNation, a research organization dedicated to a hate free, trolling free, libel free, safe and healthy Internet culture. Count me in! Also, check out this publication by eJounarlUSA on Defining Internet Freedom.

2. CSA Interview with Historian Richard Carrier on the historic method and the best (i.e., most proper) way to practice it.

3. The best place on the Internet I know of to learn about Ancient Eastern Philosophy and Religion(s).

4. One of the most useful online resources after Wikipedia, the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, peer-reviewed and checked by professional philosophers with PhD's. Great for researching philosophical theories, concepts, and ideas.

5. LSI Publishing--skip the middle man and self publish! Also, a great article I found on why LSI Publishing ought to be your first choice in self-publishing over at the Publishing Renaissance blog.

6. It's love x magic! It's Ravijour! Basically your Asian version of Victoria's Secret. (Sexy lingerie x Sexy Asian women = love x magic? Interesting math if you ask me).

7. Bare Faced Messiah, Russel Miller's biography on Scientologist founder L. Ron Hubbard. A book so controversial that the Church of Scientology sued Miller on nearly every continent and shut down publication, until that is, Miller released the book online for FREE! The truth is out there.

8. Japan's Pop Empress Ayumi Hamasaki dropped a mega-bomb on her millions of fans and announced her marriage, to the shock of everyone who didn't know she was even in a relationship, to aspiring talent and Austrian born Manuel Schwarz. (Update: Unable to wait she eloped with Schwarz and got married in L.A. wearing nothing but white t-shirts and blue jeans--and the Japanese news won't stop talking about it). This sort of reminds me of Madonna's fling with Antonio Benderas before he learned to speak English. I wish them the best, but I only give it 10 months to a year at most.

9. My kid brother has a blog about costume design, photography, and Mozart! Check it out!

10. Charles Limb's excellent TED Talk on creativity and our brains on music.


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