Or You'll Do What Exactly??? A Short Rant

When in the past I have lobbied some harsh criticisms against religion, there have always been those whose immediate response is to say, "You better be careful, that's my faith you're talking about."

Be careful... or what?

I have always found that if your first response is to threaten someone for offering what may be a valid criticism or critique, no matter how controversial, with vague implications toward... whatever... then this response only makes me want to knock you off your pedestal of self-righteous privilege even more. 

Be careful I don't hurt your feelings? Grow up.

Seriously. You have no idea how much this self conceited reactionary threatening annoys me. It panders toward an already established level of intolerance and it caters to fear for the sake of shutting up your opposition. 

I mean... it really, really, really, makes me want to take a sledge hammer to the foundations of everything you believe and rattle your goddamn beliefs so hard that you'd take two fucking seconds to think. Yeah... think

Be careful... or what? You'll actually have to think for two seconds?

If I sound angry, I apologize. I'm more annoyed than angry. I get this response at least once every few months, and it bothers me to no end.

*Takes deep breath*




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